Arunachal school students record appalling performance in nationwide survey

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Mar 22: In a nationwide survey, Arunachalee students have recorded the worse performance in mathematics, language and ability to grasp classroom teaching.
The mathematics score nationally is 64% in class III, 54% in V, and 42% in VIII, with Karnataka and Rajasthan at the top, while Arunachal Pradesh recorded the worst performance.
In class V, for mathematics, Karnataka (67%), Rajasthan (65%) and Andhra Pradesh (64%) were the top three, while Arunachal Pradesh was at the bottom.
In language, Karnataka, Rajasthan and Kerala students scored the highest and students of Arunachal Pradesh scored the lowest (43%) again.
Rajasthan, Jharkhand and Karnataka topped the states in science and mathematics in class VIII. Rajasthan scored 57% in mathematics followed by Jharkhand and Karnataka (both 51%). In science, Rajasthan scored 62% while Jharkhand and Karnataka tied again, at 53%. Class VIII students of Sikkim scored the lowest in mathematics (30%) and Puducherry did the worst in science at 31%.
Class VIII students of Delhi were among the worst performers in both mathematics (32%) and science (34%).
The survey results found class VIII students of Rajasthan scoring the highest in language (76%), followed by Gujarat (64%) and Maharashtra (63%). With 43%, Jammu & Kashmir had the worst performance in language.
The National Achievement Survey (NAS) found that 93% of students in Gujarat could understand what the teacher says in class, but only 66% of students of Arunachal Pradesh were able to do the same.
The NAS was conducted by the NCERT last November for classes III, V and VIII in government and government-aided schools and the report was published on Thursday by the Ministry of Human Resources.
The survey tools used multiple test booklets with 45 questions in classes III and V and 60 questions in class VIII in mathematics, language, environmental sciences, sciences and social sciences.
The data is being released to the states and union territories for seeking their comments.