Himalayan black bear cub rescued

KHONSA, Mar 22: A year-old orphaned Himalayan black bear cub, rescued by one Yangwok Hodong of Lazu from the village of Chinhan, was handed over to Lazu Forest Range Range Officer, Hangpong Tesia on 13 March.
The healthy bear cub, fondly named “Ollo” by the villagers of Chinhan, was fed and cared by Yangwok Hodong for the past two months.
Khonsa DFO, Bitem Darang appreciated Yangwok Hodong and in-charge EAC D K Thungdok for their efforts in protecting and conserving wildlife.
The bear cub has been shifted and handed over to the administration of the Mini Zoo in Miao.
Meanwhile, the administration of the Mini Zoo assured to take proper care of the orphaned bear cub. (DIPRO)