The left out Vocational teachers under SSA/RMSA

Dear Editor,
I would like to address some pains and grief of the vocational teachers- which is an atomic part under the aegis of the SSA/RMSA. The woes are genuine and it needs to be addressed and I hope the discrepancy in the department would be fixed soon.
The recent cabinet decision of 22 percent pay hike for the teachers of SSA/RMSA was received with mixed reactions. The decision is to be implemented from the new financial year i.e. April. But of lately, it has been realised that the “vocational teachers” does not fall under the purview of the said 22 percent pay hike. People are demanding equal pay for equal work, whereas we the vocational teachers in the same department is even denied the right of 22 percent pay increment.
Now, is this act justified? Is it a fault of the department or is it a younger brother treatment netted towards the vocational teachers? Whom do we blame- the department or the government? A very “otherly” treatment is given to the vocational teachers in this situation.
Yes, the cabinet decision of 22 percent pay hike is just like a consolation prize for those hard working teachers, but to deny the same right to the vocational teachers must be the oddest perk of the decade.
The 22 percent pay hike for the vocational teachers, either one likes it or not but for sure they are going to reap it in the coming days. But as for the vocational teachers, we perform the same amount of duty but is given an alien treatment as if inferior or unequal.
And finally, I would like to ask- “Is this justified?”
A Vocational Teacher