Namdapha National Park to host butterfly meet in April

[Indrajit Tingwa]

MIAO, Mar 29: Namdapha National Park (NNP) is all poised to host the Namdapha Butterfly Meet this April.
The meet, scheduled to be held from 27-30 April, is being organised by the park authorities in collaboration with the Society for Education and Environmental Development (SEED) and the Miao Explorers, and partnered with Dapha Valley Tours and Travels.
This is the first time that the park authorities have taken the initiative to organise a butterfly meet with the tagline, ‘You can’t catch them, but you can capture them’.
The organisers expect participants to capture some rare species of butterflies with their cameras at the world-acclaimed biodiversity hotspot with the distinction of being home to all the four big cats together.
Registration fee for the meet has been fixed at Rs 1000 per head. Several activities have been lined up for the meet, including nature walks, interactive sessions, and such.
Minom Pertin of the SEED exuded excitement at the response the organisers have received so far.
Peter Smetacek, founder of the Butterfly Research Centre, Bhimtal, Uttarakhand, will be the resource person of the meet.
Namdapha National Park is endowed with abundant flora and fauna, and the meet is expected to be a step towards exploring and showcasing a small aspect of the park’s endowments to the outside world, besides offering an opportunity for butterfly enthusiasts to indulge in their passion.