APIC imposes fine on DLRSO

ITANAGAR, Apr 2: The Arunachal Pradesh Information Commission (APIC) has imposed a fine of Rs 25,000 on Kra Daadi District Land Revenue and Settlement Officer (DLSRO)-cum-Public Information Officer (PIO), Byabang Neameh, for refusing to furnish information sought by appellant Takam Tashi, pertaining to the double-laning of the stretch of the highway from Yapak Geko to Ahrhguha in Kra Daadi district.
The APIC said that the PIO failed to furnish the information sought despite repeated orders from the Commission, ‘which has led to the invocation of Section 20(1) of the RTI Act.’
The Commission has directed the PIO to appear before it in person on 17 April, along with complete information. It said it would otherwise invoke Section 20(2) of the Act ‘and recommend disciplinary action as per the provisions of the service rule.’