RGU to host lecture on Act East Policy

RONO HILLS, Apr 2: Rudi Warjri, former ambassador of India to Colombia, Ecuador and Costa Rica, will deliver a lecture on the topic ‘Act East Policy and its implications for the Northeast’ at Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) here on 3 April.
A host of academicians and stakeholders are expected to attend the programme, organized under a foreign policy lecture series by RGU in collaboration with New Delhi-based Ananta Centre, and Tata.
Joint Registrar of RGU, Dr David Pertin, who is coordinating the event, informed that “the act being geo-politically and eco-culturally tremendously relevant for the region in general and Arunachal in particular in terms of its strategic location, the talk is likely to be of immense significance, and is already garnering interests among the campus dwellers.”
The talk will be followed by an interactive session.