Rich are becoming richer

Dear Editor,
Through the column of your esteemed daily, I would like to express some views regarding corruption in our state. Few years back there was a public opinion survey regarding corruption in our state by some forward-looking anti corruption group.
Some people said public leaders were most corrupt, others said Bureaucrats, and some even said Police. But many of us wondered how citizens of Arunachal Pradesh missed Engineers. Let us be honest they are among the richest people of our state. Most rich people of our state say they got rich by selling Mithuns & their forefathers’ land, which is the joke of the century.
So what we suggest is let there be yearly conduct of public opinion and survey regarding which department / job is most corrupt because corruption is the biggest menace of our state due to rich are becoming richer and poor becoming poorer and much wealth concentrated in the hands of few rich people and common larger mass of people suffering and to tackle this menace of corruption for good of maximum number of people.
The common mass