Everyone here has a healthy mouth?

Dear Editor,
Through this daily, I would like to state the condition of dental surgeons in the state today. When other states in the country are gearing up their approach towards dentistry, I wonder why our state fails to do so.
We are still a very young fraternity with mere 200-250 dentists in the state as whole, and yet even then we have been overlooked and neglected by the decision makers. Only 52 among the lot has been regularised till date from the beginning. Is it so difficult to absorb the rest? On the contrary every year numbers of MBBS posts get created.
I would like to ask the authorities aren’t they interested about us.
Is everyone in the state happy with their oral health? Everyone here has a healthy mouth? If yes then well and good. I hope the government stops creating govt seats for dental students. Stop students from choosing dentistry as a career in the start itself. Why give someone false hope. It’s better to do something you are good at and be appreciated rather than being degraded doing your thing, degraded by fellow doctor colleagues, degraded by the decision making bodies and the list goes on and on.
Lastly, I would like to state that even we are an integral part of the health system.
We respect every other branch but we do deserve our place in the healthcare system, not because we ask for it because the society need us, the patients need us.
Without us the entire healthcare system is incomplete because no other branch can do what we can do and what we are capable of.
Yours ,
A young frustrated
Dental Surgeon