What’s this paradox in Arunachal Pradesh?

Dear Editor,
Through the column of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to express my concern over mentality of Arunachalees that we people want development but at the cost of nothing.
Being a two years dropper for NEET I’m very anxious about starting of TRIHMS medical college.
There are lots of medical aspiring student in the state but due to lack of capital, dream remains always a dream in our state.
Yearly, we produce around 40 MBBS student only whereas in other states like Jharkhand produces 299 MBBS student every year. This vast difference is due to lack of our own medical college.
Moreover when we are qualified we have to join colleges in distant states, which become very difficult for our parents, from every aspect like management, security, health, etc. In such circumstances, if we will have our own medical college it will be a boon for our generation and many generations to come.
But, no! Our own people won’t let it become. Because they are scared of moving out of their respective posts.
In state we have 21 districts, most of these districts have district hospitals but unfortunately most of these can’t even cure a minor ailment.
And apart from that, in the state we have 5258 villages and in most of these villages there is not even a primary health care centre established and if, established they are just in papers.
These all arise because our medics do not want to live like a medic, all they want is air conditioned rooms, and air conditioned four wheelers, tidy & cleaned offices.
I challenge them if, they can serve not like a medic but as a human being in these poor, remote areas. But nope! They will never. If, they cure in these areas, they will never have to cope with major cases. After all “prevention is better than cure”.
And for the deficiency they are talking about to run a medical college, in initial stages everything suffers little. These have happened with premier institute like NERIST, RGU, NIT. And even, still today, in institute like AIIMS Rishikesh the same is prevailing.
Another case is that, in whole of the state there is scarcity of electricity supply, job opportunity, and well maintained public transport system.
But at the same time they are against the dam construction, roads construction, which can create vast job opportunity, which can bring future onto our feet. What’s this paradox in Arunachal Pradesh?
Arunachalees are happy with tomorrow’s pains for today’s pleasure. Since time immemorial there has never been a war without blood, never been a gain without pain.
Wake up Arunachal, Wake up.
A citizen