Are we a threat or solution?

Dear Editor,
Often it is said that “Youths are the backbone of a nation”.
But does is really holds true when it comes to our state? Youth which is meant to be the change for better tomorrow, are being changed for their individual welfare, which upto some extent is hereditary i.e., something which has been passed on by our elders.
Kurt Cobain once said that “The duty of the youth is to challenge corruption”. Maybe Kurt Cobain was raised in such a society where youths were successful in fulfilling the action of challenging corruption that led him to write such a foolish quotation, because the role that the youths are playing today is quite opposite to that of what has been said by Kurt Cobain.
The AAPSU election which was probably held on 2015 or 16 brought out the real faces and characters of the youths in our state.
In my knowledge during election each voter had the power to ask for money according to his/her importance. People who were walking barefooted for the past few months suddenly purchased brand new scooty and I happened to ask one of my friend what her/his source was, my friends without any hesitation and fear with their chests up said, “I bought this from money given to me by various election candidates”.
Thus, we can conclude that he/she sold her vote for around Rs. 20000-25000, that too not from a particular candidate but from multiple candidates.
Now what future can we imagine under such people who are selling their self-respect and everything for money, can we say that they will be a good administrator when they will be entrusted with official positions?
Can we say that our politics will be in the right hands in future, when they will be entrusted with the political position?
Can we say we have our hands full of good teachers, professors, lecturers that will be the change for better tomorrow?
The students leader who themselves are not an example; in these cases can they really lead us in the right direction? Is our future rightfully protected and bright under such leadership? Have we even contributed a single percent in India’s development in the form of Human and Physical capital? The answer is no.
In almost every house of Arunachal Pradesh, there is a President and General Secy. Arunachal can create a world record in having highest number of associations.
Now my question to my young beloved friends is that are we really a solution for a better tomorrow? Or are we a threat? The answer lies within us.
“The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” said Lao Tzu. Even if we start our journey today to make our state better, it won’t be too late. For do remember that “our body might decay one day, but our good name lives forever”.
Hibung Rohit
Student of government college, Doimukh