Covered in dust

Dear Editor,
As everybody is well aware of, Itanagar is completely covered in dust these days. Right from the Mithun Gate to Chandranagar, all you will find is only dust, dust and dust. All these happening, only due to the non-compliance and sheer negligence of the concerned department or agency, under the very nose of the District Administration. Two wheelers and pedestrians are the worst sufferers. Starting from Zero point, you will be entirely covered in dust by the time you reach Ganga. Such pathetic is the condition of the road that going out is only for the brave hearts these days. And more importantly, daily commuters are in a very grave danger of risking themselves of various air pollution related diseases or complications.
The concerned department or agency is supposed to check this problem by running water tankers for at least three or four times a day to keep the road dust free. We can’t wait for the mercy of mother nature everyday to soak the road. We understand that some inconveniences are inevitable due to the ongoing highway construction project. But those inconveniences can surely be minimized to some extent if worked on.
This dust issue has been raising by many like-minded denizens since many days only to be lightly taken if not ignored by the authorities and departments. Just some few days ago, the Administration directed the concerned department to run water tankers at regular intervals which was supposed to be monitored by some circle officers. But what they forgot was that without any solid actions or penalties, orders or rules are just suggestions. And these irresponsible departments know this very well and hence been neglecting their duties as evident from the past 2 or 3 days, while the whole city was buried in dust.
In a state, where the galaxies of Unions and Associations are interested only in issues related to their own respective tribes and personal benefits and never to burning social or civic issues, it’s only in District Administration we can put our hope for a better living condition. It’s really pathetic when a dust-free road becomes a luxury for the public. And what more can we expect from our elected leaders who, ironically, are busy strolling on shiny and glossy roads abroad these days.