Horrifying rape and murder

Dear Editor,
The recent horrifying tales of rape and murder of minors had sent chills down to our spine. It had definitely shaken our belief in humanity to great extent. As a parent of a child of 8years or below, one would have never imagined that his/her child would one day be a prey to hungry wolves and would never return home! In fact getting devoured by hungry wolves would have been believable, but getting raped and brutally murdered by filthy persons of parent’s age is unfathomable. Till now, we used to warn our children not to go outside alone for they might get kidnapped by bad people but we failed to warn them they might be exploited for some monster’s carnal desires and a thing like rod would be inserted into them like they are just a piece of plastic dolls.
What on earth we are lagging behind in that we are unable to prevent these horrifying incidents! Why are we failing time and again to protect these precious kids who don’t even know the meaning of ‘Crime’ or for instances any of the Evil things of this world! Will mob lynching or capital punishments alone would put an end to these ill deeds? Who on earth can go to the extent of doing these kinds of heinous and gruesome acts? Are these repercussions of our own acts? Did we as parents, as an elder fail not only to protect but to teach our children morality? Did we always try to justify wrong acts of our sons just because our son can do no wrong and it’s the girl who attracted such fate! Did we teach our daughters that voicing out against any oppression or exploitation is not trying to break the stereotype of character which only a boy can possess. In the same way teaching our sons to be respectful, polite and sensible would not question their manhood. Did we while chasing our dreams of owning a bungalow and numbers of SUVs fail to notice where our younger ones are heading to. Can we fight for the rights of those little ones who are not matured or grown enough even to realize what rights they have as a human! Can we contribute in shaping the future generation?
Just a whirlwind of thoughts!!
C. Norbu