Injectable contraceptive ‘Antara’ launched

NAHARLAGUN, Apr 26: Injectable contraceptive ‘Antara’ was launched at the Tomo Riba Institute of Health & Medical Science (TRIHMS) here on Thursday with an eligible patient receiving a shot of the contraceptive.
TRIHMS gynaecology and obstetrics professor Dr GC Das informed that the study on Antara was conducted at the Guwahati Medical College during 1987-1992, in collaboration with the ICMR.
“The outcome was found to be 100% effective, with some 10% complaint of intermittent spotting, 15% amenorrhea, and also return to fertility was found to be quite effective,” he said.
Family Welfare Deputy Director Dr Amping Perme Ete said the contraceptive is safe and highly effective.
“Antara, being effective for three months, will help to meet the changing needs of couples,” she said, adding that the contraceptive will also be available in the district hospitals.
“Antara is an effective method of contraception that can be injected subcutaneously or in the muscles. Each dose of injectable contraceptive prevents pregnancy for three months. It can also be used by breastfeeding women (after six weeks of delivery) as it does not affect the quantity, quality and composition of breast milk,” informed master trainer Dr G Doke.
Senior gynaecologist Dr B Mala also spoke.