Arunachal win six titles in Victor NE Badminton Championship

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Apr 30: The young badminton players from Arunachal Pradesh displayed outstanding performances to win six titles out of the nine they were in the fray for in the Victor 2nd North East Prize Money Badminton Championship, which concluded at the MLA Cottage badminton stadium here on Monday evening.
Arunachal Pradesh won the titles in girls’ double (U-17), boys’ double (U-15), boys’ single (U-15), girls’ double (U-13), boys’ double (U-13) and boys’ single (U-13) categories.
While the pair of Kenbi Riram and Nish Upadhyay won the girls’ double U-17 title beating state mates Takio Puna and Taring Yapi, the duo of Nikhil Chetry and Kirto Nyorak beat Isanth P Gohain and Aditya Kalpa Saikia of Assam to win the boys’ double (U-15) title.
Nikhil also won the boys’ single (U-15) title beating his double partner Kirto.
The pair of Toku Neha and Napi Tayam defeated Munifa Haque and Risika Krishnatria of Assam to win the girls’ double (U-13) title.
In boys’ double U-13 category, Pakli Bagra and Laa Robin defeated the pair of Anirban Gogoi and Kaustav Prakash Sharma of Assam.
Deservingly, the state’s promising player Robin won the boys’ single (U-13) title, beating Md Irfan Ahmed of Assam.
In girls’ single (U-17), Tania Bordoloi of Assam defeated Nish Upadhyay of Arunachal to win the title.
In boys’ single (U-11), Ritom Howbora of Assam beat Tamang Samuel of Arunachal Pradesh.
Pritpal Bhuyan and Ritom Howbora of Assam defeated Gnveer Gongo and Samuel Tamang of Arunachal Pradesh in boys’ double (U-11).
Assam won 11 titles, including girls’ single U-17, boys’ single U-17, girls’ double U-15, girls’ single U-15, girls’ single U-13, boys’ double U-11, girls’ single U-11, boys’ single U-11, girls’ single U-9, and boys’ single U-9 to emerge victorious.
The prizes to the winners were distributed by Home Minister Kumar Waii, Arunachal Olympic Association vice president Gechi Doke, and others.
Organizing chairman and Arunachal State Badminton Association secretary Bamang Tago said he was happy with the performance of the players of the state and expressed hope that they would perform better with the coming up of more infrastructure in the coming days.
The tournament was sponsored by Victor India, which provided Rs 5 lakh to the organizer for conducting the tournament, Tago said.
Final Results
GD U17
Winner: Kenbi Riram/Nish Upadhyay, Arunachal, Runners up : Takio Puna/Taring Yapi, Arunachal, 3rd prizes: Kusum Chetri/Barom Sidisow, Arunachal and Sejjal Joshi/Sheetal Joshi, Meghalaya.
Boys Double U17
Winner: Ahanthem Mangal/Chairom Vikash Singh, Manipur, Runners up: Madhurjya Nath/Pragyan Borkakoty, Assam, 3rd positions: Imtitong /Peramrisi Zeliang, Nagaland and Thapa Raj/Matung C Tok, Arunachal.
GS U-17
Winner: Tania Bordoloi, Assam, Runners Up: Nish Upadhyay, Arunachal,
Taring Yapi, Arunachal, 3rd position: Rajkumari Replica Handique, Assam.
BS U17
Winner: Irfan Ali, Assam, Runners Up: Madhurjya Nath, Assam, 3rd postions: Kabeer Hussain, Assam and Peramrisi Zeliang, Nagaland.
GD U15
Winner: Rikshita Chaliha/Ridhima Thapa, Assam, Runners Up: Mayuri Barman/Krishika Kashyap, Assam, 3rd positions: Toku Neha/Napi Tayam, Arunachal and Sejjal Joshi/Sheetal Joshi, Meghalaya.
BD U15
Winner: Nikhil Chetry/Kirto Nyorak, Aruhnachal, Runners up: Isanth P Gohin/Aditya Kalpa Saikia, Assam,3rd positions: Aditya Shekhar Bora/Dronashish Goswami, Assam and Deepesh/Kshitiz, Nagaland.
GS U15
Winners: Tania Bordoloi, Assam, Runners up: Rajkumari Replica Handique, Assam, 3rd positions: Rikshita Chaliha and
Ridhima Thapa, Assam.
BS U15
Winner: Nikhil Chetry, Arunachal, Runners up: Kirto Nyorak, Arunachal, 3rd positions: Thejib Rahul Taufique, Aditya Kalpa Saikia, Assam.
GD U13
Winner: Toku Neha/Napi Tayam, Arunachal, Runners up: Munifa Haque/Risika Krishnatria, Assam, 3rd positions: Pangam Bagra/Beryl Saring, Arunachal, Watisamgla/Yalimenla, Nagaland.
BD U13
Winner: Pakli Bagra/Laa Robin, Arunachal, Runners up: Anirban Gogoi/Kaustav Sharma, Assam, 3rd positions: Produnya Bhuyan/Hiran Chetia, Assam, and Gulab Chetia/Sourav Sonwal, Arunachal.
GS U13
Winner: Chilika Gogoi, Assam,Runners up: Bandita Das, Assam, 3rd positions: Barosa Boro, Munifa Haque, Assam.
BS U13
Winner: Laa Robin, Arunachal, Runners up: Md Irfan Ahmed, Assam, 3rd positions: Anirban Gogoi, Yashdeep Gogoi, Assam.
BD U11
Winner: Pritpal Bhuyan/Ritom Howbora, Assam, Runners up: Gnveer Gongo/Samuel Tamang, Arunachal, 3rd positions: Raktim Hazarika/Jonak Hazarika, Assam and Ishan Basak/Manimugdhah Rajkhowa, Assam.
GS U11
Winner: Monikornika Gogoi, Assam, Runners up: Bhavishya Changmai, Assam, 3rd positions: Kangana Das Roy, Udipana Konwar, Assam.
BS U11
Winner: Ritom Howbora, Assam, Runners up: Tamang Samuel, Arunachal, 3rd positions: Jonak Hazarika and Produnya Bhuyan, Assam.
Winner: Bhavishya Changmai, Assam, Runners up: Shanti Priya Hazarika Hazarika, Assam, 3rd positions: Sezon Upamanyu and Aaradhiya Borgohain, Assam.
Winner: Bornil Akash Changmai, Assam, Runners up: Muncheng FA Gogoi, Assam, 3rd positions: Antarikh Gogoi and Raktim Sarmah, Assam.