Army saves mother and child

TAWANG, May 2: A 28-year-old second gravida term pregnant woman from Shyo and her baby were saved in an emergency operation with the help of the 305 field ambulance under CO Col Hussain of 5th Mountain Division and collaborative efforts of doctors from the Khandu Dawa Sangmu (KDS) district hospital in Tawang recently.
The woman was admitted in emergency at the KDS district hospital with torrential vaginal bleeding due to abruptio placenta, endangering the life of the mother and the unborn child.
Abruptio placenta is an abnormal condition, wherein the normally implanted placenta gets prematurely separated before delivery, causing heavy bleeding.
As the district hospital in Tawang lacks general anaesthesia facility, the 305 field ambulance of the army hospital located in Khrimu village agreed to take up the case and the patient was immediately shifted there.
Under the monitor of Colonel Saurabh Makhwana, and obstetrician Dr Tenzin Kunga and Senior Medical Officer Thutan Tsering from KDS district hospital, lives of both the mother and baby were saved.