Green Hub Festival from 11 May

ITANAGAR, May 8: The Green Hub Festival 2018 is scheduled to be held at the KBR auditorium of Tezpur University and Green Hub Centre, Assam from 11 to 13 May.
Established in 2015, the Green Hub is a fellowship based programme that trains youth from the northeast region for conservation action through the digital medium.
The Green Hub Festival happens during this time of transition in May every year. The festival aims to raise awareness, celebrate, debate and examine wildlife, environment and biodiversity, along with other critical developmental issues relevant to Northeast India.
The festival encourages myriad ways of seeing and understanding, as well as celebrating natural heritage, besides examining the role we play in impacting the environment.
The three-day festival includes panel discussions and presentations by experts, practitioners, organisations, filmmakers and representatives of the local communities, screening of films by GH fellows and renowned filmmakers, sessions and art & filmmaking competitions for school students, music and more.
The GH Festival 2018 will be led by 60 Green Hub fellows, over 20 local, regional and national partners, and over 50 environmentalists, filmmakers, musicians, artists and media persons.
A central panel comprising key experts will share their learning through invigorating discussions and dialogue on issues that are central to the environment and social development of the northeast. Existing and ongoing work and initiatives of individuals will also be acknowledged, recognized and highlighted. The festival becomes both, a connecting point and a platform for networking for stakeholders from across the northeast region as well as from other parts of the country.
A fun, interactive session has been specially designed for school students and the young for the upcoming festival. This will include presentations on avenues in environmental field by well-known artists, authors, photographers and other experts.
An art and filmmaking competition across schools was also held as part of the Green Hub’s ‘School Day Special’. The winners will be announced during the festival.
Some of the key speakers include Dr Vijay Anand Ismavel (Founder, Mukunda Nature Club), Rituraj Phukan (Secy General, Green Guard Nature Organisation) and Pooja Gupta (Illustrator).