NYA demands early construction of Lyiang bridge

SANGRAM, May 11: The Nyobia Youth Association (NYA) has expressed its displeasure at the delay in construction of steel arch bridge over the Lyiang Kurung River even though the work began over a year ago.
The NYa has written to the executive engineerof PWD, Sangram Division and the construction agency M/S Buru Enterprise, to speed up the construction of the bridge over Kurung River at Lyiang.
A letter regarding the delay in construction was given to the PWD on 21 January, 2017 and another letter given to the Buru Enterprise on 16 February, 2017 which did not result in any changes to the delayed construction work, it said.
The bridge is under construction for the past 20 months but the progress of the work is slow, it claimed, adding that the bridge is the communication lifeline for the people of Sangam, Nyobia and Parsi Palo circle.
The NYA also demanded that the PWD receive a monthly report from the Buru Entreprise so that the work is not delayed further.