An open letter to education secretary

Dear Editor,
I would like to highlight the mistakes that are being committed in the Education Department and whether if the new Secretary Education who is known for her honesty and uprightness in her handling of the matters of the department is aware of the situation.
We have no objection to the posting of a Junior Teacher as Deputy Director of School Education in Kamle District, the appointment of officiating Vice-Principals , appointment and postings of District Adult Education Officers in districts where the posts have not yet even been sanctioned provided that they do not infringe on the rights of the existing senior Junior Teachers and Senior Teachers whose promotional avenues will be curtailed.
Therefore, in the interest of justice, I would like to request you to kindly conduct DPC and promote amongst the deserving senior most Junior Teachers as District Adult Education Officer , a few post of which has fallen vacant such as in Lower Subansiri ,Papum Pare and others , due to the promotion of the incumbents as DDSE/principals.
The post is a gazzeted group “A” post and deserves to be given to the senior most Junior Teacher as per the recruitment rules of DAEO. It is learnt that the establishment branch is moving files to regularize these juniors appointed as DAEOs illegally without following norms of the department.
There is also rumours doing the rounds of offices that that each of the candidates have paid a huge sum of money amounting to lakhs of rupees to get appointed to the plumb posts.Such rumours are unhealthy for the department and Education and also Health where this government led by the young and energetic Chief Minister Pema Khandu has proposed for zero tolerance policy against any kind of corruption.
My humble appeal to the new Secretary Education is to root out such corruption and nepotism in the department and give a ray of hope for teachers like us who have no political godfather or friends in high places.
An Aggrieved Teacher