Assn demands creation of posts in power department

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, May 14: The All Arunachal Pradesh Unemployed Electrical, Electronic, Mechanical & Computer Engineers Association has demanded that the power department create adequate posts in various categories, in view of the fact that at least five transmission divisions have been created under the department in the state.
Despite creation of these transmission divisions, not a single post has been created in any category, the association said.
Addressing a press conference at the APC here, the association’s president Ralung Rigom claimed that at present the EEs’ posts are manned by AEs and AEs’ posts by JEs in all the five divisions, “thereby depriving the unemployed engineers who are running from pillar to post in search of government jobs.”
Expressing concern that not a single post has been advertised in departments like power, hydropower, APEDA, PHED, transport, IMC, police housing, urban development, etc, since 2011, the association demanded that the state government create technical posts in these departments.
The association also took serious note of deputed and officiating engineers in various departments, and demanded that the system be cancelled forthwith and fresh examinations conducted according to the recruitment rules of the departments.
“Everybody deserves a chance and the government should immediately scrap the officiating and deputation system prevailing in various departments,so that unemployed engineer youths get a chance too,” asserted a member of the association, adding that the officiating and deputation system “has become a stumbling block for many aspiring and eligible candidates.”
The association further sought strict maintenance of reservation as per the recruitment rules 1993 and 2005 – 60% in electrical, 30% in mechanical, and 10% in C/T/E. “And APST reservation in public sector, power developers should be 25%, 50% and 55% respectively,” it said.