Hand over Ngurang Pinch case to CBI

Dear Editor,
This is regarding the Lt. Ngurang Pinch’s case. I want to remind and rap on the drowsy Government, the lethargic and the sluggish SIT for moving in tortoise phase and also the self certifying accused persons.
To the Government:
1. The deadline of two months has elapsed without an inch of tangible progress. Does the government still want/intends to drag it further by giving false assurances?
2. I doubt that the government really dares to solve the case. I see lack of will and lack of intention.
3. Whether the government still intends to drag the matter further by extending few more months by giving false assurances to solve the case?
4. The assurances are false pretext to cause slow death of the case.
5. God forbid whether the government would do the same if someone near and dear to them by blood, died under mysterious circumstances?
6. Is there a reason as to why this case should not be endorsed to the CBI?
To the SIT:
1. Whether the SIT is abbreviated as, Specially Inactive Team or Specially Illiterate Team?
2. There are ample grounds to doubt the creditability and efficiency of SIT. Delay of each day portrays the SIT’s intentions and reasons best known to them.
3. The very aim, motto and purpose for the constitution of SIT is undermined and put to shame.
4. Although the SIT is exempted from the purview of RTI, yet the evidences of poor performance is crystal clear from each steps taken up by SIT during investigation and in courts, which are unmeasured and not meticulously calculated.
5. Whether the officials of SIT dare to swear publicly in the name of God and in the name of their beloved family members that they are doing their duty sincerely, honestly, diligently and also free from undue influence, coercion etc?
To the Accused Persons/UTP’s:
All the accused persons vehemently are self certifying that they are innocent. There is a method to solve this. The victims family is vehement that all the accused persons must undergo Polygraph test and NARCO test.
Since, these two tests have legal sanctity, the victims family are positively hoping that none will refuse to undergo it. Some of the Accused Persons have voluntarily agreed to undergo the above tests to prove that their hands are clean. Some have also been taken and tested in Gandhinagar, Gujarat for the said test.
The victims family members firmly believe that, it is one of the best opportunity to co-operate and prove his or her innocence in the matter. Furthermore, it is to be seriously noted by the that the victims family members shall reasonably and undoubtedly presume that those who fail to undergo the Polygraph Test and Narco Test are behind the death of Ngurang Pinch.
The victims family are not alone to fight the case. Bail is not an acquittal but a temporary release on providing surety.
Hence, the victims’ family members firmly believe and demand that;
1. The Government recommends this case to CBI within a month from the day of its publication.
2. The SIT swears publicly in media and upholds its sanctity.
3. All the Accused Persons voluntarily undergo Polygraph Test and Narco Test.
Ngurang Achung