Pre and Post matric scholarship confusion

Dear Editor,
I would like to inform you that there is a major problem in the Pre and Post matric scholarship 2017-18-SJETA.
Last year this scheme was undertaken by National Scholarship Portal. So, most of the students registered it online. But later we found out that our state government would oversee it and we applied for the same by providing hard copy to the Department of Social Empowerment and Tribal affairs, govt. of A.P, Naharlagun leaving the online status as it is (incomplete without completing the full procedure).
And now there are about 4000 applicants whose status has been declared as already applied for other scholarship schemes, the main reason being unknowingly registering for the said scholarship online as was the procedure to avail the scholarship the previous year. And now the state government thinks that we are availing other scholarship as we have registered online.
Therefore, I would like you to bring this information to public notice and the respective departments also and clarify it as soon as possible.
A student