Sacred Bum recitation

ITANAGAR, May 15: The Itanagar Buddhist Cultural Society is organising a ‘Sacred Bum’ recitation at Thupten Ga-tseling Monastery here from 16 to 30 May to commemorate the holy month of Saka Dawa.
The 15-day recitation will be performed by monks of Thupten Ga-tseling Monastery, popularly known as Itanagar Gompa.
Saka Dawa is called the month of merits for Tibetan Buddhists. Dawa means “month” in Tibetan, and “Saga” or “Saka” is the name of a star prominent in the sky during the fourth lunar month of the Tibetan calendar.
Saka Dawa this year begins on 16 May and ends on 13 June.