Clarify the latest position on Botanical Survey of India land

Dear Editor,
Green Arunachal Foundation (GAF) has strong objections and condemns the misuse of a plot of land measuring 124 acres at Senki View by the state government and the Botanical Survey of India (BSI), Arunachal Pradesh branch.
A plot of land measuring 124 acres was leased out by the government of Arunachal Pradesh to the Botanical Survey of India for development and preservation of the rich flora and fauna wealth of the state in the year 1979, which is believed to become functional in the year 1984. It sounded to be a good venture to preserve the natural wealth of the state. But things went wrong and absurd for there is no clarity about the whole project.
GAF filed an RTI to learn the present state of affairs of the project and filed an RTI to unearth the amount that has been collected from BSI as lease rent. But the department has denied giving any information of the monetary transaction citing that it has no records of the payments made till date. Therefore, there smells a foul play. It is ridiculous and questionable not to have records of payments made in the matter of such an important project.
To top it all many people have encroached into the said demarcated area. But the government and the BSI has opted to oust only the lesser ones and could not do anything against the well known (read powerful) people. Some of the alleged encroachers were even sued and forced to vacate. But those in power are still occupying the encroached lands and the government is a silent spectator. Green Arunachal Foundation views that law should take into account every bonifide citizen of India equally. If the state government and BSI are unable to initiate action against powerful defaulters, then others must also be treated at par and their land given back.
Therefore, Green Arunachal Foundation has submitted a representation to the office of the Chief Secretary, Government of Arunachal Pradesh explaining the plight of the land leased out to BSI, citing the precarious management therein. The foundation hopes that the Chief Secretary’s office would look into the matter with serious concern and do the needful.
GAF urges the BSI and the state government, especially the Land Management department to clarify the latest position, or else the matter may be dragged to court.
Takam Tatung,
Chairman, GAF