ADC calls for intensive campaigns for better IDCF coverage

HAPOLI, May 23: Lower Subansiri district Additional Deputy Commissioner, Nending Chatung has called for intensive Information, Education and Communication (IEC) campaign for better coverage of the Intensified Diarrhoea Control Fortnight (IDCF) in the district.
He was addressing a district level coordination committee meeting-cum-orientation on IDCF, held in the conference hall of the Gyati Takka general hospital, here on Wednesday.
“The onset of monsoon triggers diarrhoea endemics, and therefore, precautions should be ensured right from the start”, he said and emphasized on effective multisectoral involvement.
He further directed the DRCHO to ensure zinc tablets and ORS materials are made available round the clock.
DMO, Dr Tage Kano said that health care working module in today’s scenario has changed from clinical visits to curative, preventive and promotional module.
“The government has rolled out series of health care programmes, which are more curative in nature. We will not just be aiming to treat a disease, but aim to eradicate it completely”, he added.
DRCHO, Dr Derin Likar said that the fortnight from 28 May to 9 June aims to generate intensive awareness on usage of ORS and zinc for children suffering from diarrhoea. He further informed that Lower Subansiri district will aim to provide zinc tablets to 3,909 children from 0-5years of age during the fortnight.
DANO Dr R Angku briefed about Dulari Kanya scheme and incentives under full immunization scheme and quality assurance methods to be adopted by all the MOs of respective CHCs and PHCs, while DPM, N Nado spoke about Ayushman Bharat scheme, which aims to provide medical assistance upto Rs5 lakhs for poor people. (DIPRO)