Demand for cancellation Chakma students’ admission in NERIST not without reason, says AAPSU

ITANAGAR, May 30: All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) on Wednesday said its demand for cancellation of admission of Chakma students from Mizoram in the NERIST is not without reason “as the candidates have duped the government of Mizoram.”
Reportedly, the Chakma student organisation in Tripura recently criticized the AAPSU for seeking to cancel admission of Chakma students from Mizoram and Tripura in the NERIST.
The AAPSU warned that if any untoward incident occurs to any Arunachalee student in Tripura, the Chakma student organisation would be held responsible.
Referring to a letter (No A 42011/1/2013-THE (TE), dated Aizawl, 22 May, 2018) addressed to the NERIST registrar by the under-secretary to the Mizoram government, the AAPSU said “the letter clearly dwells on the eligibility of Chakma students under its state quota.
“As per the Mizoram (Selection of Candidates for Higher Technical Courses) Rules 2016, all the candidates are classified into three categories – Category-I, Category II, and Category III. There has been great anomaly that the Chakma students were allotted many seats under government of Mizoram quota and NEE-1 Examination Board wherein the candidates have applied in Category-I, whereas they are qualified in Category-II,” it said in a press release.