Smoking kills

Dear Editor,
31st May is World Anti Tobacco Day.
It is the youth which is the most vulnerable, as they take up smoking as a fad and then peer pressure accentuates them. Their curiosity, adventurousness and risk taking mental disposition make them experiment and try something different in life.
Despite larger warnings on packs and media messages about harmful effects and life expectancy lost for each cigarette, they smoke, as they think death is very far.
Smokers enjoy the smoke which emanates, unmindful of passive smoking. R.J.R Nabisco withdrew its brand of smokeless cigarettes as they found smokers enjoyed the smoke.
Banning sale of loose cigarettes, larger warning on  packets  & increasing legal age for sale of tobacco products to 25 years are welcome, the change has to come from within.
In the interest of health of nation, the problem has to be tackled at grassroots level of tobacco growing, despite powerful tobacco lobby repeatedly asserting its contribution to national economy.  Any delay may result in nation paying a heavy price.