Whole world is watching

Finally after much controversy, the much awaited summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korea leader Kim Jung Un is going to take place on Tuesday. Whole world will be closely watching the outcome of summit which will take place at Singapore. Both the leaders today arrived at Singapore. The summit will offer rare opportunity for the direct interaction between US and North Korea which may help to resolve the long standing conflict in the Korean peninsula. But it will be not be an easy task and hopefully this summit will be a starting point. Both the leaders agreed to meet after having bitter go at each other. Mr Trump’s first year in office was marked by bitter exchanges with Mr Kim as North Korea conducted several ballistic missile tests in defiance of international warnings.
The US president vowed to unleash “fire and fury” if Pyongyang kept threatening the US. He also referred to Mr Kim as “little rocket man”. In return, Mr Kim called him “mentally deranged” and a “dotard”. The US wants North Korea to get rid of its nuclear weapons. But Mr Kim sees nuclear weapons as biggest asset for his dynasty. Therefore US will have to lower expectations from the summit which they seems to be doing. Mr Kim is desperate to get relief from sanctions as North is battling serious economic crisis. So they are seeking to reach out to US for help. Both the sides have their own agenda and will push hard to achieve their desired goals. However, they will have to work out a middle path which is acceptable to everyone. The whole world is watching and now onus lies with leaders of US and North Korea.