A faulty education act

Dear Editor,
The Arunachal Pradesh Education Act 2010 has a set of guideline on transfer and posting of teacher with three category of places; hard belt, middle belt and soft belt.
This guideline provides a teacher to avail soft belt posting place after serving in hard and middle belt for certain prescribed period. But in the name of rationalization of education department, former education minister Tapang Taloh managed to get the above guideline scrapped during the reign of Nabam Tuki in 2015.
Under the amended law, the elected leaders have it easier to interfere in posting and transfer.
The promotion and tenure of posting of teachers have been twisted. Under the new rule, Government has unquestionable prerogative to post as many teachers in a school as possible or not post at all.
The above stated cumulative factors are the main reasons which cause teachers to lose their morale which directly affects the student community. The performance of the students is going from bad to worse due to the loopholes in AP Education Act 2010.
If the Chief Minister Pema Khandu and his Minster Education Honchun Ngandnam do not act now, the downward trend of results will continue
Taro Chatung,
Senior Journalist