IG Park and our responsibilities

Dear Editor,
This is in continuation of the commendable task of the Police Dept. and DA in IG Park, Itanagar recently.
The job of the police is laudable.
I personally have a submission to make here. I have a strong feeling that unless youths or people cleanse their thought and perceive and practice good etiquette, there cant be a lasting solution to the menace which we have been witnessing recently in the park.
Like me many others have been using the park for several years during holidays and especially in the evenings.
Few suggestions, which can be adopted at the earliest:
1. Proper demarcation with suitable and safe boundary wall all along the park and completely doing away with encroachment in and around the park.
2. Separate road for the A. P. Science Centre, Itanagar located in the vicinity of the park.
3. Complete close down of Multi-Entry points to the park in normal days. Single Entry in normal days may be allowed from the main entrance near the Kingcup school.
4. In order to facilitate the people wanting to use the park for jogging, evening walk or exercise etc, a single permanent and proper Check Gate/Entry can be constructed levying a minimum of Rs. 2-5 for entry which can be further used for maintenance of the park.
5. Thorough check can be done on every entry for unwanted items inside the park. Entry of vehicles and two wheelers be completely restricted. Bicycles may be allowed for exercise purposes on minimum entry fee.
6. The park can be allowed to be used on normal days between 9am to 8 pm. Late night entry can be restricted completely.
7. Proper dustbins may be placed. Proper lighting and streetlights may be installed. Better and more pavements may be built. Pay and use washrooms can be constructed. Mini museum or zoo can be established.
Bikash Bage
Department of Sociology
Rajiv Gandhi University