AnimeCon Itanagar Concludes

ITANAGAR, Jun 25: The first festival for the youths in the form of premier culture and educational celebration of anime, manga, toys, VFX/SFX, cinema was held at Siddhartha Hall for two days from 23 to 24 June.
The cosplay (costume play), which was the main attractions of the event, saw about 30 participants. One of them was Hotaru Juno, who had also represented India in the World Cosplay Summit in Japan.
Juliana, emerged as the winner of the cosplay contest here, and will participate in the national level AnimeCon India, which is going to be held in December this year.
A total of eight cosplayers were selected from the state. They will be sponsored by the organiser for the national cosplay contest.
AnimeCon Itanagar 2k18 was organised by Jenny, in collaboration with AnimeCon India. Cosplay contest, treasure hunt, e-sports, ramen eating contest, open mic session and karaoke session were the main attractions of the event.
Jenny said that children and youths of this generation have many talents besides academics. “This event is a platform for like-minded community members to explore their talent out of classrooms and turn their hobbies and passions into a profession”, she said.
Founder of AnimeCon India, Nitesh Rohit said the event is also a push for local entrepreneurs to come out and explore the many possibilities of business ventures in the state.