An open letter to DC on garbage fee

Dear Editor,
This is in reference to the newly passed order by the deputy commissioner of capital complex, making it compulsory to pay the fixed garbage collection charge of Rs100) and further making it punishable in the court, is somewhere not a just order.
No doubt, the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is a great initiative and I appreciate this revolution.
But here, it must be taken into account that in capital complex several people from various backgrounds-government employees, business person, students and un-employed youths reside. The motive of writing this is to share with you problems.
Student and un-employed youths are residing here in rented house, and sometimes we reach a situation where we are unable to pay the mandated amount as we are dependent.
In fact, we too want to contribute in this process. But it is unfair to make us pay the garbage fee compulsorily. Any denomination contributed by the public should be accepted rather than forcing the public to pay the mandated amount.
I request you to please reconsider your order, if possible.
Unhappy denizen