Recruitment malpractices in Arunachal

Dear Editor,
After appearing District Coordinator exam in 17th June 2018, we came out of exam hall and one of my friend asked showing her phone- “how was your exam? We used mobile phone but we won’t get the job. It was all fixed. Even posting places were selected by the candidates”
Now, this had two serious issues directly implied. First the use of mobile phone was done indiscriminately despite strict ban and secondly, there were the rumours of possible backdoor entries.
The first issue was witnessed when the friend showed how she managed to use her mobile on 17th June 2018 and calling me a complete fool for not using phone and, the second issue was proved when the results came out on 25th of June 2018. Cut offs of 84% and topper securing more than 92% is beyond imagination and unlikely in an exam of such varied and contrasting subjects.
I may have not qualified the District Coordinator exam in 17th June 2018 in genuine ranking but, I would not be demoralised if the process of selection was free of the above said issues.
Exams appeared in the state so far has been a mirage of hope, fairness and equal opportunity where hard-work, dedication, intelligence, persistency and knowledge will be rewarded. However, this exam was no different. It only added more feathers to its cap of being the most disheartening, disappointing and demoralising departmental recruitment process in the state.
Now, the reason our students are not doing well in college and schools, forming unions and running after ways to make money is well explained. As someone has rightly said- “If you have good education and knowledge but unemployed for a long time, then you have no money or political background. But if you have money and political link, even a simple qualification is enough to get a decent job”.
It is said that, “when enough people start lying and engage themselves in malpractices, the real solutions to the problem will not be resolved, only better and better lies and malpractices”. If concerned departments do not rectify their mistakes and do things right, when enough students resort themselves to using unfair means of entering government services, the real problem of quality service will not be resolved.
An aggrieved and
concerned candidate,