Anti-malaria month observed

PALIN, Jun 30: Anti-malaria month was observed in Kra Daadi district throughout June with various IEC activities to educate the people on the causes of malaria and its preventive measures.
”Ready to beat malaria” was the theme of the month-long observation, during which special focus was given on malaria endemic blocks like Palin and Yangte.
Mass malaria awareness rallies were organized, involving students, members of the public, and government employees at Yangte and Pania blocks.
The officials of National Vector Borne Diseases Control Programme (DVBDCP) headed by Dr T Tagh conducted a series of campaigns to raise public awareness on the need to reduce mosquito breeding sources to prevent vector borne diseases, like malaria, dengue, etc.
At Paney Himii School, New Palin, Dr Tagh educated the public about the symptoms of malaria and its diagnosis and treatment through a PowerPoint presentation.
He appealed to the people to take precautionary measures to prevent the disease as well as stop mosquito breeding during the rainy season. He also advised the students, ASHA workers and community leaders to spread the message on malaria preventive measures in their respective villages and homes.
District VBD consultant Yaka Koj highlighted the district’s epidemiological situation of vector borne diseases and the strategies being adopted to eliminate malaria by 2022.