Employ subject experts from outside the state

Dear Editor,
Through your esteemed daily, I would like to bring to the notice of the concerned authorities the inefficient marking system that was adopted in the selection process in the recruitment of Assistant Professor conducted by the APPSC in 2017.
During the aforementioned interview, 3 subject experts along with a member from APPSC were employed to award marks to the candidates. Among the 3 subject experts, 2 were from outside the state and 1 was from RGU. The average of marks awarded by all 4 examiners was to be considered for the recruitment process.
Among the candidates, some of the PhD scholars happened to be pursuing research under the guidance of the same “expert” from RGU. Hence, with the intention of eliminating any partiality from him towards his own students, only the marks awarded by the other 3 examiners were considered in evaluating the final average marks of the said candidates.
(Note: This may or may not have happened in other departments, but it did in this particular department.)
In my opinion, this marking system is highly unfair to the candidates contrary to what it was intended to be. The leniency or strictness of the examiner from RGU, whose marks was considered or left out for different groups of candidates, must have caused significant difference in the final evaluated average marks. It may sound insignificant but even small difference in marks makes a big difference in the final outcome, especially when the exam is conducted for 1 or 2 posts only.
Therefore, it is my request to the authorities to employ subject experts exclusively from other states to avoid such circumstances in future.
A student