Aboh speaks out against self-styled student leaders

ITANAGAR, Jul 22: While stating that he would always support the All Tirap District Students’ Union (ATDSU) in any of its activities with respect to students’ welfare in the future, Khonsa West MLA Tirong Aboh spoke out against self-styled student leaders “who are more concerned about their personal benefits.”
Referring to the news item published in the local dailies recently regarding the arrest of a person – reportedly the president of the ATDSU – the MLA in a release said he had refrained from stating anything which might have affected the image of the ATDSU.
“It can be understood from the FIR itself, which bears nothing of the student union,” he said.
Narrating the incident which compelled him to lodge the FIR, Aboh said the student leader, along with one Mikjong Khimhum, had trespassed into his cottage, and that the duo “repeatedly demanded” Rs 1.5 lakh and started physically assaulting Aboh.
“Due to misconduct, I finally lodged an FIR against him and an apology letter from his accomplice Khimhum is also an evidence for his misconduct and indiscipline,” the MLA said.
Aboh requested the student community to refrain from indulging in such practices, and from supporting “self-styled student leaders who are more concerned about their personal benefits.”