Women fighting against drugs menace now facing threats

[ Karyir Riba ]
ROING, Jul 24: Lower Dibang Valley (LDV) district has been suffering from the drug menace for some time now. To take action and stop the social evil from penetrating further into the community, a group of women from Mayu village took it upon themselves to fight for its eradication from the society.
These brave women have not only tried to educate people about the harmful effects of drugs and being involved in any way with drugs, they have also conducted a few unannounced drug eradication drives in notorious areas, risking their lives.
Just a few months into the fight, these women have assisted the police in nabbing a number of offenders, and have also been successful in creating fear in the hearts of others, forcing them to remain dormant, even if for the time being.
Unfortunately, this fearsome approach of these brave ladies towards the drug menace has made them the focal point of criminals associated with drugs.
As per information, these women have been threatened with dire consequences for what they have done for the betterment of the society.
These women have not only received threats to their lives but have also been threatened with rape.
One of the women informed that ever since they started assisting the police in apprehending drug peddlers and abusers, they have been receiving threats.
“‘Once we get out of jail, we will see you’ is one of the most common threats,” she said.
One woman said they were informed by the family of one of the arrested offenders that since, during their son’s hearing at the Tezu sessions court, he had mentioned that he would make sure to cause harm to the women responsible for his arrest, the family did not proceed with his bail.
In another instance, a woman informed that the family of one of the offenders paid a visit to the house of one of the women from the women group, just to inform them: “The offenders will easily throw away 2-3 lakh rupees for their bail and what will happen after that? How will you live in peace?”
The women said that they are scared for their lives and for the wellbeing of their families, but that the fear will not stop them from fighting the evil.
To make their stand even stronger, they held a meeting with the apex body of the community, the Idu Mishmi Cultural and Literary Society (IMCLS) and the All Idu Mishmi Students Union (AIMSU), to collaborate in the fight against drugs. As a result, an Anti-Drug Committee was recently formed that comprises selected members from the IMCLS, the AIMSU and the women group.
It has also come to light that at about the same time, a member of the AIMSU was cornered by a group of eight masked men in five motorbikes near the Eze river at dusk, and warned that he keep away from the fight against drugs. Since he was taken by surprise and it was already getting dark, he could not make out the registration numbers of the bikes, which he said were all of costly make.
LDV SP Sanjay Kumar Sain said the police have not received any complaint from the women group regarding the threats.
“Strict action will be taken if anybody is found giving out such threats. These women are doing a commendable job and together we have almost paralyzed the whole drug racket in the district. These threats must have been made in order to dampen the zeal of these women but they should not let it affect them,” he said, adding that the police department is always there to act on information without revealing the identity of informers if it makes them feel safer.