Revise salaries of NHM contractual workers

Dear Editor,
I would like to reach our beloved Chief Minister, the Health Minister, Govt of India and Arunachal Pradesh, Commissioner, Health.
When will the salaries of contractual employees under NHM be revised?
Within few years, the number of programs under NHM has increased significantly and the workload has increased simultaneously but there is no change in our salary.
Why contractual employees of other departments and within health department have better remuneration than us? Are we not serving under the coveted department?
We have sent so many proposals through proper channel previously but no help from higher authority.
We are not robots, we also have families to look after, small desires to fulfill, basic amenities to have.
We just want a decent salary so that we can work more enthusiastically and live a dignified life.
Some may suggest us to quit the job but many of us have crossed that privileged age of applying for another job while serving under NHM as contractual employees.
I know this letter won’t bring any change immediately but if it can at least reach our respected heads, the objective behind writing this will be met.
Pleading Employee
NHM, Arunachal Pradesh