Awareness progs on child protection acts organized

ANINI/HAWAI, Jul 27: The Dibang Valley District Child Protection Unit (DCPU) organized a series of programmes to create awareness among school children and teachers on the Prevention of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, 2012, and the Juvenile Justice Act, 2015, at various schools of the district from 23 to 27 July.
The awareness programmes were conducted at Anini, Etalin, Anelih, Anguli, Aliney, Kaji, Mihundo and Kongo by a DCPU team led by CDPO Dilip Linggi.
The team educated the children about the provisions under the acts to address sexual abuse and exploitation of children below 18 years, and to protect their rights.
Similar awareness programmes were also conducted in Anjaw district by the DCPU in various schools of the district.
The concluding programme was held at GHSS Hayuliang, during which the superintendent of police spoke on the two acts and responded to queries raised by the students.
The DRDA PD, CDPO Kara Juna Tebe, and Protection Officer Sailo Bongte also spoke.
Earlier, the DCPU visited the government middle school in Khupa, the KGBV in Supliang, and GMS’ in Chameliang and Swami Camp.
The Upper Siang DCPU, headed by Protection Officer Okit Jongkey, also organized similar awareness in various schools of the district from 21 to 26 July.