Drugs awareness campaign held

KOLORIANG, Jul 31: The Koloriang Sports Club (KSC) conducted ‘alcohol and drug awareness meetings’ at various schools in Koloriang constituency of Kurung Kumey district from 24 to 28 July.
Apart from educating school children about the ill effects of drugs abuse and alcoholism, the members of the club counselled some youths who dropped out of school because of alcoholism and drug addiction.
The club members strongly advocated parental vigilance on their children’s activities to keep them away from such bad habits.
Similar meetings were also conducted at schools in Sarli, Parlo, and Koloriang. Booklets containing information on drug abuse were distributed among the children.
The club’s chairman Mangri Biju and Dr Gambo from Koloriang hospital were the resource persons. Local MLA Pani Taram and social worker Reekam Bengia patronized the programme.