Adopt UPSC Prelims pattern

Dear Editor,
As an aspirant here’s my take on the APPSCCE held on 29 july.
1. A competitive exam is supposed to be tough for the simple reason that it is a competitive exam and not a university examination or school examination. The aspirants are expected to be prepared for all sorts of questions, high level or low level. One can’t just argue that, “Oh my goodness! I had prepared for all the difficult questions and in the examination such simple questions were given that i was unable to correctly answer them”. And it happens with many of us all the time.
2. The controversy regarding different optional subjects some being set leniently and some very harshly seem to be a reasonable one. I request the Commission to adopt the UPSC prelims pattern for this reason otherwise this problem will be a bone of contention among the aspirants for all the foreseen years to come, specially in a state like ours. Let’s give all the candidates a genuine equal footing to compete.
3. Lastly, the exam conducted was the farthest from being ideal. Most of the examination halls even lacked a wall clock, which I think is a mandatory provision, not optional. The serious candidates weren’t allowed to even keep track of their time. This was just a ridiculous example. But i think that any sort of rescheduling of this exam would be really, really unjustified despite the fact that the conduct of the exam might have been far from being perfect and had pleased everybody. The Commission should try to declare the results as soon as possible. Rescheduling of any kind would be a catastrophe.
An aspirant