Reasonable distribution of topics in geography

Dear Editor,
First of all let me address all the aspirants that my optional is geography and I would like to point out some misinformation being circulated regarding geography optionals (APPSCCE) in social media and demand for retest of preliminary examination.
Following are allegations along with facts based on analysis of question paper.
1.Allegation of copy pasting of question from certain website. Let me clarify first that this should not have happened given the uproar over same issue in last preliminary examination. However,I personally do not feel this as significant issue provided, questions were from prescribed syllabus but it would certainly give an edge to candidates who have gone through the website. The serious candidate with comprehensive preparation would definitely find it easier without going to any website. This are basically from the basic books such as Geographical thought by Majid Hussain.
2.Mistakes in paper: There are certain questions which were either incomplete or wrong which should be addressed by the commission. The number of questions with such cases barely crosses 5. Addressing this issue would be a huge relief for the aspirants.
3.Issue of level of standard of questions being alleged to be of postgraduate level. However, I would counter this view with the fact that aspirants are expected to have deeper knowledge of the subject being optionals. This is same as in case of UPSC. Otherwise, there won’t be much difference with that of GS papers.
4.Allegation of questions being out of syllabus and neglecting certain topics of syllabus. I would like to state following facts with numbers of questions from particular topics.
a. Geomorphology-Around 25 questions.
b. Climatology and Biogeography-Around 35 Questions.
c.Geographical thought-Around 22 questions.
d. Oceanography: Around 6 questions.
e. Cartography-Around 7 questions.
f. Demography and Settlement-Around 18 questions.
g. Industrial development-Around 8 questions.
Though distribution of questions across syllabus is not consistent but It can neither be claimed as completely unfair to certain sections. Thus reasonable distribution.
Therefore, I would like to appeal through this medium to APCS to look into the issue rationally and decision in the best interest of all aspirants including all other optionals. Our state is already facing inefficiency in the process of administration due to inadequate number of administrator, which has become one of the stumbling blocks in the developmental process. Thus, APCS cannot afford to delay it further by prolonging the examination process.
APCS Aspirant