Copy pasting geography paper

Dear Editor,
The commission has full authority to copy and pick any data/question from any source but have crossed all limits of copy pasting this time. They had copy pasted 67 questions directly from UGC NET June 2014 and fully forgot that UGC NET is a PG level exam and conducted for Masters Students for Associate professors. Whereas, APPSCCE is fully a graduate level exam and which is clearly mentioned in the prospectus too. The paper setter of geography seems so unprofessional and lazy copy pasting questions with the wrong options.
This makes a serious candidate doubt the integrity and standard of the commission.
Setting PG level questions in a graduate level exam directly raises the level of exam. It was more like asking a Diploma student to appear in A.E exam of engineering.
The saddest part is the repetition of the same blunders again and again. The previous Prelims were cancelled almost for the same reason i.e large mass copy pasting and errors.
Will the Commission do the same this time? The number of copy pasted questions is much more this time and that too from a PG level exam.
About 80-55 percent of the questions were from Human Geography and thought. The most important parts like Indian Geography, World geography, Economy, Physical Geography were missing. It should be noted that both Human geography and Thought never had so much dominance in the history of APPCSE prelims.
Lastly, the commission must now understand that preliminary exam with optional will always be biased. Henceforth, the trend of optional should be scraped and replace the same with CSAT to ensure parity in exam.
Therefore, we the victimised candidates urge the commission for the re-conduct of the Geography paper or to find an alternate so that it is fair play. I urge the commission to see through our grievances before the declaration of result and do the needful.
Aggrieved Geography Candidate