Questions for APPSC

Dear Editor,
I was one of the serious aspirants for APPSCCE along with many like me. I spent about a good amount of time preparing for the prestigious exam. Prior to the exam, through your esteemed daily, I always read advices by various candidates to the commission on how the exam should be conducted and wondered ‘Does a commission of APPSC’ S calibre require such advices?’
Unlike my other friends, i was optimistic and argued that the members heading the commission are learned men and they would do justice to the aspirants. But repeated failure of the commission to live up to a standard has made me think otherwise. Their repeated failure to set a proper standard paper for the aspirants is a dagger on the back. In the modern age of technology knowing the authenticity of a question has become very easy. What amazes me is if you happen to Google a single question from most of APPSC question papers you would be amazed to see a chain of questions from the same source that to periodically one after the other not even jumbled.
I would strongly suggest the commission to buckle up, put up a little work; it’s not very hard.
To my fellow aspirants, yes, I am a geography candidate and I am devastated at the moment and I only blame myself for my sorry state.
In fact I was one of the candidates who blatantly supported the protest, following the November 26, 2017 fiasco, although I was close to scoring 210/250 in my optional paper because I believed in the cause at that time. But this time the needle pricked the geography candidates by copy- pasting about 60% of the questions from JRF/NET geography-2014 and maximum questions were asked from one section i.e Geographical thoughts and economic geography and I believe this cause was one of the reasons why the November exam was called off.
Don’t you think their is an angle to this exam where the commission is desperately trying to serve a few geography candidates by setting such a easy question paper last time around and setting a question paper that is from a single source?
Chief Minister Pema Khandu, you have always voiced for the youths and fair conduct of various exams. You have provided so much responsibility on the shoulders of APPSC that the commission has not been able to cope with the responsibilities. Along with such responsibilities comes great burden and the burden should fall on capable members. As per the recent history of APPSC, there has been a gradient degradation in the standard of the commission. It is time you intervene and set up a strong board and adequate manpower for the future course.
It’s only a matter of time that Arunachal dies a slow death because our state is becoming hollow from inside. Back door entries and political favoured appointments are slowly killing our beloved Arunachal Pradesh.
Engineers who don’t know simple estimations and depend on their non-tribal office staff to do the work, doctors who only refer patients to other cities, office staffs who don’t have simple computer knowledge, all in all, our state is in a really sorry state. We should look beyond meager personal gains and look at a bigger picture or there would be nothing left.
A concerned Arunachalee