Look for alternative site

An unexploded mortar exploded in the Indian Army’s Ballaliang firing range near Loiliang village under Lohit district on Thursday killing one person. The incident has angered the local population who alleged that several such deaths have been reported in the past. Lack of proper fencing around the firing range is attributed for the death of innocent public. The existence of firing range in the civilian area has become major issue in the state. Most of the firing ranges located in the state are nearby civilian areas.
This is causing conflict between civilian and military personnel. Just few days ago, the people of Dullungmukh under Khamle district strongly protested against presence of IAF firing range in the area. Several people have reportedly died due to the bombing practice carried out by IAF in Dullungmukh firing range. The defence ministry along with government of Arunachal should try to find long term solution to this issue. People of Arunachal are very patriotic and have always supported the military. But it is unfair to expect them to support every activity of the military. The establishment of firing range near human settlement is against the spirit of military-civilian relation. Many of these firing ranges were established years ago when population of state was low. But as population grows the human settlement is increasing. Therefore defence ministry in coordination with state government should start looking for alternative sites. The firing ranges should be established in the places where human population is less.