Training prog on aquaculture mgmt held

NAMSAI, Aug 10: Progressive farmers from Lekang, Namsai and Chongkham benefited from a three-day training programme on ‘Enhancements in aquaculture management and practices’, which concluded here on Friday. The programme was organized by the district fisheries department.
On the first day, the fisheries assistant director highlighted the importance of fish farming practices in providing self-employment to educated unemployed rural youths, and achieving nutritional and food security.
He urged the progressive fish farmers to adopt integrated farming systems to double their income.
Also present on the occasion was Chongkham-based Madras Regiment’s commanding officer Col VS Nalwade, who urged the participants to learn the latest technologies of farming from the KVK to enhance their production levels.
Namsai KVK senior scientist Dr D Sasmal informed the participants about pre- and post-management practices in aquaculture, integrated farming systems, and induced breeding in carps.
A field demonstration programme was also held at the government fish seed farm in Lathao for the participants.