We stand by our customers

Dear Editor,
On behalf of Sahara Tour and Travels, I would like to clarify regarding the horrifying, violent and abusive misconduct by Nilu Singh, the driver of the car which was hired by our travel company.
Our company has been operating since the last ten years and has gained trust of the Arunachalee customers; therefore it is a very shocking that three of our female passengers were harassed by the Nilu Singh.
I want to clarify that our company always verify the background and history of the operating driver while they are recruited since long ten years of our operation. Sometimes due to shortage of vehicles under our tour agency, we hire vehicles from our partner agencies to fulfill the market requirements and unfortunately, the driver Nilu Singh turned out to be a new driver of the other hired Innova vehicle from Assam by Naharlagun Sahara counter.
Notice has been served to the owner of that vehicle which was hired on that fateful day by our agency.
Driver’s records have been found by us and we have given a police complaint against him and soon he will be arrested and punished as per law.
Our company has stands in solidarity with the aggrieved passengers who were harassed by driver of the hired Innova.
The harassment by the driver has also tarnished our company’s hard earned image.
On behalf of Sahara Company, I apologise and take responsiblity for the misdeeds of the driver of the hired vehicle.
Vehicle has been tracked and we have been told that police will seize the vehicle by tomorrow.
Our company will work hard to gain the lost trust and promise to deliver our best service and keep sincere drivers for the same.
We will also provide helpline and complain numbers to report any mischief faced by our customers.
We stand by our customers and deeply apologize for the incident.
Bipul Kumar
Sahara Tour and Travels