Appoint doctors

Dear Editor,
Why is the health department delaying in placement and posting of doctor so far? There are many patients facing tough situation in remote and rural health centre without doctors.
While some of the Districts in A.P are suffering due to unavailability of Doctors in their Hospitals as some senior Doctors have been transferred to TRIMS as faculty members, hence the patients are kept unattended.
Some 82 Specialists are yet to get their appointment letters since declaration of their final selection results in March 14 2018 through APPSC and 100 General Duty Medical Officers are yet to get their appointment whose result was declared on 5th may 2018 by APPSC.
The reason for delay given by the health department is that they are doing police verification, hence delaying the appointment process.
Police verification is a post appointment process which has to be completed before the expiry of probation period. Other departments usually do the police verification post appointment.
Finally, whatever may be the reason, I request the Government of A.P to hand them over the much awaited appointment letters ASAP.
A deprived public member