One accused in hospital, one fit for police custody

IMC job scam

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Aug 27: Of the two people arrested so far in the Itanagar Municipal Council (IMC) job scam, one remains in hospital while the other has been declared fit to be taken under police custody.
Arrested for his alleged involvement in the illegal appointment of contingency staff in the IMC, one of the accused, Nitish Kumar Mishra, is fit to be in police custody while APCS officer Olik Taring remains under medical care.
Taring is hospitalized at RK Mission Hospital (RKMH) here because of “chest pain and hypertension,” sources in the Special Investigation Cell (SIC) said.
Sources close to Mishra informed that he had also been admitted at RKMH and was undergoing treatment for ailments such as chest pain, fever, urinary infection, and rectal bleeding.
However, the SIC said doctors at the Tomo Riba Institute of Health & Medical Sciences (TRIHMS) who medically examined Mishra found him fit to be kept in police custody.
Mishra and EAC Olik Taring, who was in charge of the IMC when the job scam took place, were arrested on 23 August from Dehradun for their alleged involvement in illegal appointment of junior engineers, UDCs, LDCs, sanitary assistants, and unskilled contingency staff in the IMC.
Mishra’s name does not figure in the police complaint, but he is reported to be the middleman between the alleged accused and the college where LDCs and UDCs appointed by the IMC were sent for training.
Earlier, it was alleged that Mishra was assaulted at the Itanagar police station when he was being transferred from RKMH to the TRIHMS.
The SIC has denied it and said the allegation was an effort by the accused to prejudice the investigation.