Shopkeepers caught selling expired items

LONGDING, Aug 28: Several shopkeepers selling expired food items were caught during a surprise check conducted by the Longding district administration and police on Monday, in collaboration with the district unit of the All Wancho Women’s Welfare Association (AWWWS).
The checking drive was conducted after the AWWWS unit received several complaints from the residents that some shopkeepers were selling expired essential commodities.
District AWWWS president Satyowati Wangsa said the administration, led by COs NL Naam and Bongam Padu, along with police personnel and AWWWS general secretary Bantha Wangsu carried out the checking drive in almost all the grocery shops in the market.
During the drive, many outdated food items were found, which the team seized and destroyed. The expired items found in the shops were mostly milk powder, edible oil, noodles, juices, baby food, etc.
A few chemists’ shops were also thoroughly checked but no expired items were found there.
No legal action was initiated against the shopkeepers, but they were warned against repeating the mistake. They were instructed not to display such items on the shelves.
“We will be carrying out such surprise checks as and when needed, as we cannot compromise with the quality of food being served to our people,” Wangsa said. (DIPRO)