APCC questions govt on women’s safety

ITANAGAR, Aug 29: Reacting to the recent incident of sexual harassment of a 12 year old girl in West Siang district, the Arunachal Pradesh Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) said that the incident exposes the “blatant lawlessness under Pema Khandu led BJP government in the state”.
It alleged that the state has witnessed women persistently agitating, protesting and fighting against government to safeguard their rights and lives since the inception of the Pema-led BJP government.
“Behind all the noise of women empowerment and announcement of girl-child related projects and schemes, there is story of hypocrisy and deceit by the present regime”, the Congress party added.
The APCC claimed that it has been constantly demanding that the state government take sincere initiatives for the safety and security of women and girls in the state, but the government has failed to undertake initiatives for protection and empowerment of women by acknowledging the challenges and vulnerability faced by them.
“The Pema led BJP government has become a mouth piece of the centre by merely announcing unsound women-and girl-child related programmes which do not ensure any positive outcome”, the APCC added.
Expressing distress over the incident, the APCC vehemently condemned the state government for maintaining stoic silence over the issue of rising crime and violence against women in the state.